I have been interested in cameras and lighting since a very young age. I pursued that interest, attending Brooks Institute of Photography, where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Cinematography. I have since worked in commercial, documentary, music video, and narrative production.
  1. Focus Pulling
    Focus Pulling
    1st AC Thomas Miller pulls focus on a product shoot on our Black Magic Production Camera.
  2. Product BTS
    Product BTS
    2nd AC Alex Miller slates for one of our Product shoots in studio.
  3. On Range
    On Range
    When working alone, sometimes the only way to check the light is to roll a few seconds and stand on the mark yourself! Robert DelTour steps in front of the lens for a rare occasion to dial in the light and show the Talent their blocking.
  4. Sample Frame
    Sample Frame
    A quick still from a music video shot by Robert DelTour.
  5. Nailing Framing
    Nailing Framing
    Getting the shot just right can take some time. Having a versatile camera rig can ensure that you are focusing on getting the shot, not making the camera work.
  6. Long lenses
    Long lenses
    Robert BTS operating a Canon 70-200mm with a loose tripod head to get a floaty feel for the B-camera of an interview.
  7. Camera Operating
    Camera Operating
    Robert DelTour running the B-camera on an interview style shoot.
  8. BTS
    Robert speaks with Talent while changing modifiers in between setups.